VKFX Library for your iPad

In partnership with Overloud™, we are proud to bring the same award winning Vintage Keyboard Effects suite to your iPad, with the same amazing circuit modeling, analog warmth, and vintage color.

94 High Quality Presets

Comes with 94 high quality VKFX Factory presets with a variety of instruments, settings, and even “experimental” effects presets.

Moveable Effects Rack Chain

Dynamically adjust effects chain by dragging the effect to the proper position. Change the sound just by positioning an effect rack earlier or later in the chain. 

Included Purchased Effects

Compressor is modeled on early optical style compressors, rather than VCA styles. These styles are non-linear in behavior, which makes it sound more exciting and less muddy. 

Uniquely designed after tine based styled panning styles for greater exaggeration in the depth and stereo panning. Uniquely coupled with a “hotrod” preamp, with vintage tones built in. 

Classic 70’s envelope follower Wah that can be automated and can act as a Touch Wah, that reacts to the variations in input levels to open up or close the amount. Three modes gives you all of the Wah effects needed. 

Tape and Echo Delay inspired with various options. We give you both styles in one Delay unit. The effect uses intelligence tape simulation algorithms, which reproduce both the compression effects and frequency response of analog tape. 

Three different chorusing modes very reminiscent of the classic 70’s ensemble circuit found in the string machine. It was designed specifically for warmth and sounds especially amazing on keys

Classic twin channel valve amp simulation, with built in EQ curves reminiscent of the 70’s sound. Mimics the response of the classic speaker and cabinet of the times full of life and warmth. 

Modulating a comb filter gives you amazing phasing as the filter cutoff frequency is swept. You can very the degree of harmonic cancellation and reinforcement. If more than one has shifting circuit is used, the more complex the sound. We use a 4-stage cirucuit, as did the most popular vintage stomp box phasers in the 70s

Focuses on the overdriven valve sound of the 70s of a Leslie amp and speakers. Actually this was done quite often. Musicians would drive their instruments through a Leslie speaker just for the the amazing valve distortion. Our Overdrive is modeled after this.